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On request we furnish our customers with a stock-offer up-to dated every week on Friday. The stock offer contains as a rule 400 - 500 fish of various genera and different species and sizes as well . A part of our offer is usually a quotation for other aquarium animals such as frogs , snails , salamandres , shrimps , crayfish etc. Each item in our catalogue is marked with an abreviation of the origin of the fish like Czech breeded- CZ, import from Asia - AS, import from South Amerika-SA, import from Israel - IS etc.
To our regular customers and to all concerned in business circles we offer our cataloque on a CD.


On Wednesday until the evening we book incoming orders in writing ( fax or e-mail ).It is an advantage when the orders contain our catalogue code number , Latin name , number or ordered pieces , required size and unit price as well . Will yoiu kindly respect the advised minimum order quantity so that your order can be executed promptly and smoothly to you full satisfaction . When ordering we recommend using our order forms since further business will thus be faciliated .



1/ Deliveries by car
In the week after receipt of the order the goods are delivered to our customer´s address within the indicated time by our specially adapted vans lined with efficient thermal insulation . Fish are packed in small foil bags with transport water enriched with oxygen .The bags are marked with two labels indicating quantity and reference code in full conformity to the enclosed packing list . The bags are them put into polystyrene box in order to give the highest possible protection to the goods during the transport and handling . The total weight is around 16 kgs in average .

2/ Air shipments
In case of air shipment are the goods despatched from the International Airport in Praque Ruzyně in accordance to previous accord .
An integral part of each consigment are complete veterinary and customers documents


The prices indicated in our stock list are understood per piece . Different levels of quantity rebates and specisal discounts to our regular customers are granted as a rule . The costs comming from custom decalaring and veterinary control by air transport are calculated extra . Air freight is calculated individually .


Our condition of payment is on receipt of delivery . For air shipment we require payment in advance when not agreed differently.


Claims can be placed upon examination of the goods only on delivery. Any other claims can not be accepted.
DOA ( dead on arrival ) reports can be only accepted for claims on air freights .

Indemmity for all justified complaints is given in the form of a substitute delivery within a scope of next shipment .



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